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The Spaghetti
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About The Spaghetti

The Spaghetti originated from the love of genuine Italian cuisine linked with the idea of spending time jointly within the circle of the loved ones.

Our menu

Our menu changes according to the season of the year – we are committed to products of the highest quality. For pastas, we only use the finest durum wheat flour.

Our pizza

We prepare our pizza dough according to the traditional Roman pizza recipe. The only ingredients we use are flour, salt, olive oil and leaven. The dough is left to mature for 24 h thanks to which it is light and aromatic.

Our interiors

In the heart of the Krakow Main Square

The Spaghetti is located in the heart of the Krakow Main Square. Our interiors are a reflection of the Italian simplicity and modern design.

The Spaghetti Ristorante Kraków
Garden in the heart of Krakow
Simplicity and modernity

Our offer

We offer you 3 rooms available for lunch, dinner, supper or for various individual occasions, such as special occasion parties, corporate and social events, festive events, business meetings (including the option of exclusive booking of the whole restaurant), wine-tasting dinners paired with professional wine training suited to the guests’ expectations.

For families

• Special occasion parties
• Festive events

For companies

• Corporate and social events
• Integration meetings

For business

• Business meetings
• Wine-tasting dinners